70 Years of Excellence

Let's go back to 1947 and to a sheet metal shop in Elmsford, NY.


Joseph Massaro took to business naturally.

He was still young when he took a job as a driver at the Elmsford Sheet Metal Works, a business founded by his uncle Vincent Gervasi in 1947. Soon made an apprentice at the shop, he learned quickly, moving from driver to draftsman in just a few short years.

Something about Massaro must have impressed his uncle, because at age 24, he was brought into the business as a full partner with managerial responsibilities. It wasn't too long after he took on his new role that he discovered a powerful new way to improve and strengthen the business through the nascent practice of business computing.

Eager to find ways to make the business run more efficiently, Massaro invested in a computer system to assist with payroll, billing, bidding, and job costing. But he found the machine underutilized, and threw himself into learning how to use it.

He eventually put together a simple program to produce labels for each piece of ductwork they sold, making it easier to track orders. He realized he had a new product – and began to sell it.

By 1982, Massaro had developed his first system for computer-aided design and manufacture, or CAD/CAM. It specialized in the precision cutting of sheet metal, dramatically increasing shop productivity. Demand became so immense that it became necessary to spin off the CAD/CAM business, and EastCoast CAD/CAM was born.

Ever since, EastCoast has continued to develop improved versions of its flagship software products. They continue to develop integrated solutions that work within industry-standard platforms, specializing in software designed by contractors for contractors. Which only makes sense.

Today, EastCoast CAD/CAM is under the committed joint leadership of co-owners Massaro and David Derocher, whose keen, tech-oriented approach allows him to direct the software development while Massaro guides the business development of the company.

In the end, what it's all about is quality products, made right – every time.

After all, that's how it started. Joseph Massaro just wanted to make sure that work was being done right, and he found a way to do it that worked – and kept working. The same commitment that drove him to improve the Elmsford Sheet Metal Works still drives EastCoast CAD/CAM's software development to this day.

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