Don't Take Our Word for It

Everyday contractors love our software.

Charlie W., CAD Manager at Wm. J. Donovan Co.

“We’re very satisfied with the EastCoast CAD software. We’ve been using EC-CAD Sheet Metal for many years, and just started using MEP Design to Fabrication on a university hospital project this summer to transform Revit engineering model data into fabrication-ready detail drawings. We have learned that getting involved early on in the design phase helps the engineering team understand how we plan to use their models.”

Rick W., Mechanical Drawing Coordinator at Vaughn Industries

“Over the years we have seen and used several software platforms and EC-CAD has been one of the easiest to train people on. It is nice to know that new hires will not have to spend months learning the software. Once you have all of your catalogs built and in place, drafting is pretty simple. The pipe spooling capability makes the transition between paper and shop much smoother. The export out of Revit has really helped the coordination and fabrication timelines and works well once it is set up correctly.”

Tyler G., CAD Detailer at Graves Sheet Metal

“We started using EC-CAD way back in 2005, and are now using the new EC-CAD system that is integrated in Autodesk software on our projects, such as the one we’re completing on a local YMCA facility. We are very happy with how the new software works. It enables us to complete all coordination for the ductwork, and produce the fabrication and installation documentation.”

Vance S., HVAC Detailer at Applegate Heating and A/C

“I’ve been using the software since 2013, but the company's been using the software for nearly five years now. I started in the fab shop, working with the EC-CAM software and plasma tables, and then moved into the CAD department. With no background whatsoever, I was able to pick up the detailing side of things in EC-CAD fairly well in a short period of time... Once the EC-CAD & CAM software system is set up, the workflow from the detailing department to the fab shop works really well. It is a significant time saver.”

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