CAD/CAM Software

A fully-integrated software solution designed for contractors and
fabricators at every stage of the design-to-fabrication process.


Software Designed
by Contractors for Contractors

Nobody knows how you work like your peers, and EastCoast CAD/CAM is run by experienced contractors, metal workers, and fabricators who know how you operate. EastCoast CAD/CAM delivers software solutions for MEP that feature specialized tools, customizable settings and defaults, and cooked-in interoperability with industry standard platforms to help you work faster and more effectively.

Software Components:

Get the tools you need to meet your needs and join the community of EastCoast users, from contractors to fabrication shops, who are operating better, more effective businesses across the country.

EC - MEP Design to Fabrication

EC-MEP D2F helps you to automate detailing and get to coordination faster, shortening your timelines and reducing your costs. Eliminating time-consuming redrawing, you can produce fabrication-ready piping, plumbing, and HVAC system layouts directly off the original BIM model – with manufacturer parts, geometry, and specifications already applied.


A fully-featured, full life-cycle detailing program that runs inside both AutoCAD MEP and Revit, EC-CAD gives contractors like you the tools, content, and robust, 100% interoperability with industry-standard platforms to excel at any construction project. This complete CAD package is perfect for both HVAC and piping & plumbing, dramatically increasing your productivity and allowing you to operate with real manufacturer content.

EC - DuctMaker

Known as the industry-trusted solution for streamlining sheet metal fabrication for ductwork. EC-Ductmaker does it all - managing job creation, ticketing, reporting, cutting tables, coil lines, and inventory tracking. Built to accommodate international SMACNA standards, the software is fully customizable to your unique shop standards, offering a highly flexible approach to design. With integrated CAD and estimating interoperability, your shop will be prepared for any collaborative fitting design and manufacturing project.