CAD/CAM Software

A fully-integrated software solution designed for contractors and
fabricators at every stage of the design-to-fabrication process.


An industry-hardened CAM solution for cutting tables and coil lines.

Take control of your sheet metal fabrication with EC-DuctMaker, EastCoast's fully-featured CAM manufacturing solution. With highly flexible operation, CAD interoperability, and a networked database implementation, EC-DuctMaker empowers you and your shop to tackle any collaborative fitting and manufacturing project with efficiency and ease. Featuring an easy to learn and easy to use interface, EC-DuctMaker streamlines your fabrication from top to bottom, downloading fittings directly to your shop floor.

Industry Standards – And More

With EC-DuctMaker, you're prepared for any job. Industry standard manufacturer default dimensions, allowances, and specifications for gauges, connectors, and more are built right into the software. And with easy customization and personalization to any shops standards, EC-DuctMaker can be adapted to how your shop operates – while still being compatible with industry benchmarks.

Your Shop. Your Rules.

Get EC-DuctMaker in line with your preferred design rules, fittings settings, shop policies, sheet parameters, and more. Our software is fully automated to accommodate how you do business, so once you set it up, it does the job – without needing you to look over its shoulder.

Interoperable. Compatible. Simple.

EC-DuctMaker is built to interoperate with industry standard AutoCAD MEP. It can accept drawings directly from AutoCAD MEP, and works closely with EastCoast's own EC-CAD to simplify interoperation, sharing the same library of fittings, rule sets, and dimensioning behaviors. That means your project team can go from design to fabrication with a minimum of hassle. No muss, no fuss.

Nesting Made Easy

EC-DuctMaker lets you reduce waste with efficient prefabrication layouts. The powerful Layout Editor lets you drag, drop, and rotate fittings, perform collision checking to prevent overlap, and lock the design to prevent unwanted changes. That means the right cut – every time.

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