CAD/CAM Software

A fully-integrated software solution designed for contractors and
fabricators at every stage of the design-to-fabrication process.

EC-CAD Piping & Plumbing

Efficient, streamlined, and powerful.

EastCoast CAD/CAM's EC-CAD Piping & Plumbing is a complete, all-encompassing design and pre-fabrication solution for contractors and fabricators who create and install piping and plumbing systems in building construction. Featuring EC-CAD's famous extensive library of always-up-to-date manufacturer content, pipe-prefabrication tools, and spool drawing generation built right into industry-standard AutoCAD MEP, EC-CAD Piping & Plumbing offers powerful tools to improve your productivity and reduce your costs.

Project Data Collaboration

EC-CAD Piping & Plumbing supports your need to work with the best tools out there, allowing you to bring design data from other platforms right where you need it – and export it back out.

Detailing with Manufacturing Content

EC-CAD Piping & Plumbing provides the ability to route your piping system with manufacturer content and parts, ensuring that you're always using the same parts in your designs that you'll be using on the installation. For ease of use, precision features for pipe detailing, annotation and spooling are fully integrated inside AutoCAD MEP ribbons, tool palettes, and menus, including automated hangers and pipe modification tools.

Made to Order

This fully-featured software system offers the ability to create custom parts or product lines, add custom attributes to out-of-the-box manufacturer parts, and define parts catalogs to align with project requirements.

Design to Fabrication in One Step

EC-CAD Piping & Plumbing integrates with MEP Design to Fabrication to allow you to easily and quickly convert entire engineered systems into ready-to-fabricate design layouts fully compliant with the National BIM Standard.

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