CAD/CAM Software

A fully-integrated software solution designed for contractors and
fabricators at every stage of the design-to-fabrication process.

EC-CAD Sheet Metal

Complete control – from start to finish.

EastCoast CAD/CAM's EC-CAD Sheet Metal is a total MEP solution that integrates tightly with AutoCAD MEP that features everything you need for professional, high-quality design and fabrication for HVAC. Giving you total control of your design and fabrication process, EC-CAD Sheet Metal provides you with the tools to excel.

Fully Integrated

EC-CAD Sheet Metal is totally integrated with AutoCAD MEP's ribbon menus, Tool palettes, and Properties palette, and supports BIM-compliant project requirements.

Made to Order

This fully-featured CAD detailing software system offers complete customization, allowing for both manufacturer and shop specifications for materials, gauges, reinforcements, and other fabrication parameters, as well as fitting geometry settings based upon your shop or project requirements.

Detailing with Fabrication in Mind

Draw ductwork easily using automatic routing, entering only a few dimensions to get it built to your requirements. Apply hangers along entire duct runs according to your spacing and installation requirements. When modifications are needed, EC-CAD Sheet Metal offers powerful editing tools that allow you to work quickly and efficiently to auto-connect and swap out fittings. Need to change design specifications, connections, or other fabrication requirements? You can do it in one easy operation. Annotate the duct with auto-tagging routines set to your tagging profiles, and easy-to-use out of the box schedules.

Design to Fabrication in One Step

EC-CAD Sheet Metal integrates with MEP Design to Fabrication to allow you to easily and quickly convert entire engineered systems into ready-to-fabricate design layouts fully compliant with the National BIM Standard.

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