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Where the Tools meet the Talent.

Close Consultation and In-Depth Training

Is your operation working to its fullest potential? EastCoast CAD/CAM provides high-quality, in-depth training to ensure that your shop has the tools, skills, and organizational structure it needs to do its best work. With a full slate of consulting and training services including tool training, workflow analysis, and training strategizing to help you meet your business goals, you'll have the means to keep moving forward and compete in the rapidly-changing construction field.

Essentials and Essentials Plus

If you're just starting out with Piping CAD and Sheet Metal CAD/CAM BIM workflows, our training program has proven effective at bringing your team up to speed. Including single or multi-day sessions at your office with convenient online refreshers, this valuable program will train your staff and provide custom software setup. Programs include CAD, CAM, and combination training options.

Partner Program

EastCoast CAD/CAM's Partner Program is an annual or semi-annual program that brings ongoing professional consultation and development to your business. Your dedicated account manager works with you to achieve the best results for your business, tracking items until resolution and managing all on-site and online meetings. Including custom training, on-site assessment, and dedicated support, our Partner Program is a proven road to business success.

Online Booster Program

With EC's Online Booster Program, you get personalized training and consulting sessions via internet on an hour-by-hour basis, right in the comfort of your office. Whether you're a new customer or just looking for a refresher, the Online Booster Program is a convenient, flexible way to stay on top of your business.

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